Sample Letter 3: Professional response letter to the Consultation Team on the Consulation Report

[Your Address : Insert as appropriate ]
AHMTCM Consultation Team
Department of Health
Room 2 N0.9
Quarry House
Quarry Hill
Leeds LS2 7UE

[Date: Insert as appropriate ]

Dear Sir

Response to : Joint UK-wide consultation on the Report to Ministers from the DH steering Group on the Statutory Regulation of Practitioners of Herbal Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and other Traditional Medicine Systems practised in the UK

As a busy person I would find it impossible to read and absorb all the information in the referenced documents for this Consultation in full. I am apparently expected to be able to understand the following:
  1. DH. Trust, Assurance and Safety – The Regulation of Health Professionals in the 21st Century
  2. Extending professional and occupational regulation: the report of the Working Group on Extending Professional Regulation : Department of Health
  3. Report to Ministers from The Department of Health Steering Group on the Statutory Regulation of Practitioners of Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Other Traditional Medicine Systems Practised in the UK May 2008
  4. Section 12(1) of the Medicines Act and other Medicines Legislation including European medicines legislation Art 5.1 of 2001/83/EC
  5. “A consultation on the framework for registration of health and adult social care providers”, published 25 March 2008.
  6. Legislation on Health and Safety/Trading Standards/Advertising Legislation
  7. Local Authority Registration and Licensing
  8. Statutory Licensing Schemes
I have read, and am in agreement with, the responses provided by both the National Institute of Medical Herbalists and The European Herbal and Traditional Practitioners Association, and would like my response to be registered as in favour of statutory regulation for medical herbalists.

Yours faithfully,