Sample Letter 1: A letter to your MP, MSP or MEP about the Consultation

[Your Address: Insert as appropriate ]

[MP’s Name : Insert as appropriate]
House of Commons,

[Date : Insert as appropriate]

Dear [MP’s Name : Insert as appropriate]

I am writing to you to express my concern about the current Department of Health joint consultation on the Report to Ministers from the DH Steering Group on the Statutory Regulation of Practitioners of Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and other Traditional Medicine Systems practised in the UK

I wish to preserve the right to access a full range of herbal medicines from a professional herbalist who is statutorily registered.

It is now a matter of the utmost urgency that the Government bring forward legislation leading to the statutory regulation of herbalists.

I trust that you will raise this matter on my behalf with the Department of Health.

[Include following or delete as applicable:] I am also enclosing a copy of my response to the Consultation for your information.

Yours faithfully,