Why vote yes?

After April 2011 under the new E.U. Directive THMPD you will only be able to buy licensed herbal remedies. Currently only 39 products have THRs but hopefully there will more more over the next year. So for any other herbal preparations you need, you can only get them from a herbalist following a consultation.

Currently, herbalists have access to a wide range of herbal medicines and are able to custom blend prescriptions for you. In some situations herbalist such as Napiers have some very traditional blends such as our Skullcap Oat and Passionflower Compound, that has been made since 1860.

If herbalists are regulated they will be able to continue to supply their patients with a range of herbal remedies and will be able to supply traditional blends such as Napiers Skullcap Oat and Passionflower Compound. A regulated situation will support public safety and preserve access to herbal remedies.

Unregulated herbalists may be untrained or unqualified. This might lead to a huge discrepancy in the experience the patient has and it might even lead to the wrong diagnosis or the wrong treatment plan. Unregulated herbalists will be unable to use traditional blends and the public will lose access to a huge number of herbal remedies. There is a big issue here of public safety.

So post-2011, in order for you to have the most choice in herbal medicine, it is important that herbalists are regulated. This way you will have access to both over-the-counter licensed herbal remedies and to a wide range of prescription herbs. And, you will also know your practitioner is properly trained, up-to-date and operating to a strict code of ethics. It is important to remember that herbalists themselves want to be regulated.

Please take the trouble to ACT NOW and help preserve the widest choice for us all.